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Mary Tang mtang at
Thu Jun 5 08:03:13 PDT 2003

Hi all --

Here's a summary of yesterday's meeting...

1.  Bob101. John has agreed to take him off all qualification lists.  He
and his elusive boss will be having a chat with us today.  Until further
notice, he should not be working in the lab.

2.  REU's.  Mike presented the schedule.
- Nancy and Maurice kindly agreed to host the lab tours which, in
addition to the normal safety features, will also include more of an
intro to equipment (students will have met with their mentors and might
have an idea of which tools they will use; they will have also viewed
Silicon Run and should thus have passing familiarity with basic classes
of tools.)
- There are two 1/2 day sessions on "Lab and Cleanroom Practices".  Now,
we need to define what those "Practices" should be and how we can
present them.  The laundry list of skills is listed below.  Everyone:
please review the list and add your suggestions/comments (I suggest
making a checklist of info students should know.)
- Say, do you all think we have enough time to put together a safety
test to try out on these students?

3.  Budget.  Jane had a few words on our financial health.
- Two more companies have died this month and may have left us with
unpaid bills.  Everyone:  please keep an ear to the ground -- if you
hear any rumours of impending demise of any companies, let Jane know so
she can follow up.
- The affiliates program is going to be launched, hopefully this
summer.  Please help brainstorm ideas that will encourage companies to
join up.

Lab and Cleanroom Practices:
1.  Contamination control (why and what [sodium and other alkali metals,
heavy metals], personal habits [not touching the face, always walking
slowly, use of sneezeguards, gloved fingers do not equal tweezers, etc],
equipment groups, new materials/new processes policy.)
2.  Gowning [video?] (especially cover:  what is acceptable to bring
into the cleanroom, double-glove policy)
3.  Types of tweezers
4.  Types of substrates (features of a silicon wafer, other substrates
used in the lab)
5.  Wafer handling (how to transfer wafers in cassettes using
tweezers/vacuum wand; roll transfer)
6.  How to use a microscope

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