Thank you for your time!

Mary Tang mtang at
Fri Jun 6 08:04:07 PDT 2003

Thanks Mike --

Just to reaffirm the outcome of our discussion.

1.  Bob Hou will be taking a "vacation" from the SNF lab, for at least two weeks.

2.  When he returns, he will be under the supervision of a knowledgeable
labmember.  The labmember may be one of the independent contractors known to us
at SNF, or someone else from your organization.  If it's someone from your
organization, this person will need to be qualified and have some time to become
familiar with the lab, before supervising Bob's activities.  Please inform us of
who will be working with Bob -- understand that this person will have full
responsibility for his actions in the lab.  When everything is in order, we will
reactivate Bob's account.



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mike at wrote:

> Dr. Tang,
> I feel sorry about the un-convenience that Dr. Bob Hou has brought to you
> and other staffs. I have a serious talk with him after our meeting. I promise
> that he will be a lot better than before. Besdies, he will not be as busy
> as before.
> Sincerely,
> Mike Han

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