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Nancy Latta latta at
Fri Jun 6 12:46:12 PDT 2003

Hi Mary,

I think the form looks pretty perfect.  I am a tad worried about how we 
get the word out that the forms *must* be signed.  I wonder if there is 
a way to send out a 'policy statement' message every three or so months. 
  Actually, that would be a good thing for several other of our policys, 
esp. those newbies aren't getting, or oldsters have 'forgotten'.

We might have a rather public place (near the lab door) where either 
blanks are kept, or filled out forms filed in a book, as a reminder.

Mary Tang wrote:
> Hi all --
> In an effort to keep track (and keep under control) the number (and
> purpose) of visitors brought in by labmembers to tour the lab, I suggest
> we have them sign this form.  It's sort of like what they have you sign
> when you visit a health club.  The purpose of the form is to:  1.
> convey the fact that SNF is a working lab, not a Disneyworld tour; 2.
> let SNF staff keep tabs on who's bringing visitors to the lab (and to
> make sure that the sponsoring labmember is someone who actually knows
> the lab, not just the CEO who took the intro-to-safety training six
> months ago...)  I was thinking that we could just have a stack of these
> forms outside Janine's office or maybe even the lab, so that we could
> encourage everyone to go through this review process...
> Please let me know what you think!
> Thanks,
> Mary
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