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James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Fri Jun 13 10:04:01 PDT 2003

Process Staff:

Let's keep an eye on new users working on the wet benches and determine
who is not working safely and reeducate these people if possible.

Everyone is responsible for maintaining a safe lab environment and we
should address this issue gently in the bud ASAP.

my $0.2 worth,


Gladys Sarmiento wrote:

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> Hi Gladys:
>  When I came in to use wbnonmetal early this morning, there were a lot of
> brown spots around the sulfuric hot pots because users forgot or didn't
> bother to clean up acid drips. In addition, someone had left an empty 3"
> cassette in the left side dump rinser. In general, I have been noticing
> that at nights, some users seem to have bad processing habits and utter
> disregard for lab rules. Let alone causing inconvenience to other users,
> some of their actions could potentially compromise cleanliness in the lab.
> If I have to report this to someone, whom should I tell? I really don't
> like to have to squeal on other labmembers, but sometimes it might be
> better in the interest of the lab functioning.
>  thanks,
>  --
>   Rohit
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