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Hi all --

They're coming....  and will be here before we realize it...  Nancy and
Maurice very kindly volunteered to cover the lab/equipment tours.  But
we still need to plan out the "Lab Practices" sessions.  Last year we
covered the following:

1.  Gowning
2.  Tweezers
3.  Wafer handling
4.  Microscope use

Are there any other basic skills that you feel a student (who has never
been in a lab) should have?

I've taken the liberty of writing up a checklist, based on the list
above, so that we should be reasonably consistent about what's covered,
no matter who teaches.  Could you all please look over the list and make
any additions or changes as you see fit, and then re-send it out to

Uli and Mahnaz:  Did you do "All-Litho" as well during the lab practices
session?  What do you think about doing this again?  Personally, I think
this may be an overwhelming amount of information for the students to
handle in a half-day.  However, I think it might be really useful for
them to see a wafer get spun up, exposed, and developed, and then be
able to inspect it under a microscope.  What does everything think about


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