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Tue Jun 17 08:53:54 PDT 2003

I believe the "intro to litho" part was done the second week last summer, 
and not during the lab practices session.

At 07:57 AM 6/17/2003, Mary Tang wrote:
>Hi all --
>They're coming....  and will be here before we realize it...  Nancy and
>Maurice very kindly volunteered to cover the lab/equipment tours.  But
>we still need to plan out the "Lab Practices" sessions.  Last year we
>covered the following:
>1.  Gowning
>2.  Tweezers
>3.  Wafer handling
>4.  Microscope use
>Are there any other basic skills that you feel a student (who has never
>been in a lab) should have?
>I've taken the liberty of writing up a checklist, based on the list
>above, so that we should be reasonably consistent about what's covered,
>no matter who teaches.  Could you all please look over the list and make
>any additions or changes as you see fit, and then re-send it out to
>Uli and Mahnaz:  Did you do "All-Litho" as well during the lab practices
>session?  What do you think about doing this again?  Personally, I think
>this may be an overwhelming amount of information for the students to
>handle in a half-day.  However, I think it might be really useful for
>them to see a wafer get spun up, exposed, and developed, and then be
>able to inspect it under a microscope.  What does everything think about
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