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Tue Jun 24 09:18:15 PDT 2003

Hi all --

Who's going to Semicon?  Remember, the exhibition is free and you can
register at -- if you register by June 27,
you'll get a badge in the mail (and a lot of other ^*&% since they sell
your contact info, but at least it's all semiconductor-related.)  If you
register on-site, it's $50, so it's best to do it beforehand, even if
you're not sure you're going to go.

If you do decide to go, please be prepared to tell us what you learned
at our next process staff meeting.  It is also best to attend with a
mission in mind.  I'd suggest visiting:

Booths of vendors with any relatively new equipment we have:  (Karl
Suss, EV Group, Applied Mat, Raith)
Booth of vendors with any equipment we'd like to have:  (CMP,
electrochemical processing [electroplating, electroless deposition,
porous silicon], used equipment vendors, analytical equipment, etc...)

Come to think of it, once you cover these, there's not a lot left...
Oh, but there is a MEMS Pavilion that I hope someone decides to check
out.  And there's the SEMI theatre, which I think is showing educational
films -- we might be able to pick up a few tips (maybe some free videos,
by showing a Stanford card?)

Let me know if you plan on attending -- we'll need to ensure we've got
everything covered.



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