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Tue Jun 24 18:07:15 PDT 2003

Hi Mary.
I thought he's only  supposed to do processing in the lab during regular 
hours when staff are
around. He was here last Sunday afternoon doing an LTO  run.  Wonder if 
Mike was with him.
(Mike is not yet a qualified user  of the ox furnaces and the LPCVD's).

Mary Tang wrote:

>Gosh, is it two weeks already?  We kicked him out for two weeks,
>beginning on Thursday, well, it must have been two weeks ago.  He is
>allowed in the lab, but he is to always be accompanied by Mike Han
>(nanqian, I think) at all times.  If we have absolutely any complaints
>about bob101, it's Mike's responsibility and, depending on the severity
>of the problem, we reserve the right to kick him out again.
>Harry's actually fine -- things at the daycare center, however, were not,
>when I went to pick him up -- all the infants in one room had to be taken
>home because of some virulent diarrhea bug (actually, the kids weren't
>too bad, but the state of the staff and the room were not to be sniffed
>at, so to speak...)
>Nancy Latta wrote:
>>On the off chance that you are reading email... what is bob101's lab
>>status?  Henry has seen him in the lab looking for all the world like
>>he's going to use equipment.  Is his time out over?
>>Hope wee Harry is doing well,
>>                                Nancy
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