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Mary Tang mtang at snf.stanford.edu
Thu Jun 26 14:36:01 PDT 2003

Hello Pho --

Uli and Nancy brought your notes to my attention.  I am process manager at SNF
and coordinate training in our lab.  Although we do appreciate having
researchers with previous experience come to our lab, we also want you to
understand that our safety and equipment training classes are a requirement.
Because we are an open, flexible environment, many of the safety and policy
rules we have are quite different than what you may find at other facilities.
Thus, you are not exempt from this requirement.

The next safety training class is scheduled for Monday, July 14.  There is lots
of space still available, if your paperwork is in order.  Any equipment
training must be scheduled with the responsible staff person for the equipment
you need, after your safety training.  You will also receive your Coral login
after the safety training.

Thanks for your interest in SNF --


Mary X. Tang, Ph.D.
National Nanofabrication Users' Network
Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
CIS Room 136, Mail Code 4070
Stanford, CA  94305
mtang at snf.stanford.edu

Uli Thumser wrote:

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> Subject: Re: All Litho training
> Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 12:22:35 -0700
> From: Pho Nguyen <pxnguyen at mail.arc.nasa.gov>
> To: uli at snf.stanford.edu
> References:
> <p05210613bb20c9900211@[]><3EFB4757.3F4FFA88 at snf.stanford.edu>
> hi Dr. Thumser,
> thank you for a quick response.
> i have not taken the SNF orientation/safety class.  however, i worked
> in a wafer fab, at Texas Instruments and then at Axon Photonics, for
> 2.5 years.  Hou-T Ng also worked in a wafer fab for several years.
> currently, we're working at  the Ames Research Center.  with regard
> to the basic safety/contamination procedure, i think we are somewhat
> familiar with.
> i'm signing up for the orientation classes at end of July.  i may
> need to use the SNF facility sooner than that.  do you think we can
> proceed with the training prior to the official SNF
> orientation/safety class?  we would save much time.
> must we complete the safety training before obtaining the Coral login
> names?
> thank you.
> p.
> >Hi Pho,
> >
> >did you already attend the safety class?
> >http://snf.stanford.edu/Access/LabClass.html
> >Please let me know and email me your Coral log in names
> >
> >Thank you,
> >Uli
> >
> >Pho Nguyen wrote:
> >
> >>  good morning, Dr. Thumser.
> >>
> >>  Hou-T Ng and myself would like to schedule the "All Litho"
> >>training session(s).
> >>
> >>  could you pls guide us on the various form that we must fill out and
> >>  how to register for the training?  if possible, we prefer private
> >>  training sessions instead of group sessions.
> >>
> >>  we've already established an account via Prof. Nishi.
> >>
> >>  thank you for your help, Dr. Thumser.
> >>
> >>  Pho Nguyen
> >
> >--
> >Uli Thumser
> >Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
> >Center for Integrated Systems
> >420 Via Palou Mall, CIS Room 146
> >Stanford, CA  94305
> >(650)725-3694
> >uli at snf.stanford.edu

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