Process Staff Meeting

Mary Tang mtang at
Tue Nov 4 07:25:13 PST 2003

Hi all --

So...  Pizza is scheduled for Wednesday (tomorrow) at 11:30 (it was
either that or 12:30 -- guess it's a busy day for Greg.)  But the
meeting will start whenever everyone arrives (hopefully, by noon, as
originally scheduled).  We are in 215.  Agenda as before (see below.)
Please, if you can, bring a list of projects you are working on to share
with everyone (Ted and Len -- you, of course, don't have to bring lists,
but your inputs to the group are always welcome.)  The projects may be
things you're working on your own or, better yet, team projects
involving other staff or lab members (whether they know it or not.)
Let's use this as an opportunity to coordinate our activities.  (Uh oh,
that sounds terribly "corporate", but we do need to do something along
these lines...)

'til then --



1.  Metrics that would be useful (training or staff activity recharges?
Usage on specific tools?) and routine reports which can be derived from
the Coral databases that we can now access.
2.  Projects.  Let's compile a list of projects that process staff
members are working on.  It can be something you're working on by
yourself or with someone else (another staff member, a labmember, a
faculty member).  It can be something to streamline training, improve
documentation, characterize processes -- just about anything that is
3.  Regular reports.  We used to do these weekly, but needless to say,
we've fallen off the track (and I'm just about the guiltiest party.)  I
propose a monthly report -- maybe a regular project update?  but let's
discuss this.

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