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Hi all --

Some interesting courses here...  We've still got one free course ($450
value, I think).  And we've some STAP funds available.  Let me know if
you're interested and maybe we can swing a group discount again.


(Things that seem particularly relevant for us:
CMP fundamentals -- although we won't be getting one of these for SNF,
it is useful to know about this method, since so many research projects
here rely on it.
MEMS Design
Photolith fundamentals
Statistical Process Control
Thermal processes
Wet and Dry etch fundamentals)

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    [PTI Seminars Home Page]    Semiconductor Design & Fab Process
                                          Courses Plus!
    In This Issue:     [Image][Image][Image]ABCs of IC DESIGN &
    [Image]                                 FABRICATION December 11,
    [Image]                                 2003 in San Jose, CA
                                            To meet the projected
                                            worldwide demand for
                                            semiconductor devices,
                                            the semiconductor
                                            industry is demanding
                                            technical and
                                            non-technical staff and
    [Image]                                 personnel to be well
     •     ABCs of IC                       versed in the key
           DESIGN &                         elements of fabrication
           FABRICATION                      technology. This course
           December 11,                     describes, in simple
           2003 in San                      terms, a sequential
           Jose, CA                         format of information
    [Image]                                 that constitutes the
     •     ABCs of                          major fabrication
           BASIC                            processes for integrated
           ELECTRONICS                      devices. This one-day
           & DEVICES                        seminar gives you a
    [Image]                                 comprehensive overview
     •     CHEMICAL                         of the semiconductor
           MECHANICAL                       industry and technology.
           PROCESSING                       The course will give you
           Fundamentals                     the background you need
    [Image]                                 to understand the basics
     •     CMOS LOGIC                       of semiconductor
           DESIGN Intro                     devices, how they work,
    [Image]                                 the processing
     •     DUAL                             technologies, the
           DAMASCENE                        equipment to produce
           Copper and                       them, and circuit design
           Low-k                            techniques.
           Dielectric                       Additional dates for
           Process                          2004 include:
           Overview                         February 9 San Jose, CA
     •     FLIP CHIP,                       March 1 Portland, OR
           WLCSP &                          March 22 Phoenix, AZ
           Microvia                         April 14 San Jose, CA
           Technologies                     April 21 Boston, MA
    [Image]                                 April 22 Munich, Germany
     •     MEMS DESIGN
           &                                April 26 Austin, TX
           FABRICATION                      May 3 Colorado Springs,
           Fundamentals                     CO
    [Image]                                 May 6 Singapore
     •     Additional
           Courses                          ABCs of BASIC
           Offered:                         ELECTRONICS & DEVICES
    [Image]                                 December 10, 2003 San
                                            Jose, CA
    Featured Links:                         March 2, 2004 San Jose,
    [Image]                                 CA
                                            CHEMICAL MECHANICAL
                                            PROCESSING Fundamentals
                                            Presented by: Srini
    [Image]                                 Raghaven
     •     Check us out                     March 11, 2004 in San
           Online!!                         Jose, CA
     •     To Register                      CMOS LOGIC DESIGN Intro
           for a Course                     January 21, 2004 in San
    [Image]                                 Jose, CA
     •     For a full
           List of                          DUAL DAMASCENE Copper
           Courses                          and Low-k Dielectric
    [Image]                                 Process Overview
     •     For On Site                      March 23-24, 2004 in San
           Training                         Jose, CA
                                            FLIP CHIP, WLCSP &
                                            Microvia Technologies
                                            May 3, 2004 in Singapore

                                            July 15, 2004 in San
                                            Jose, CA

                                            MEMS DESIGN &
                                            FABRICATION Fundamentals

                                            February 24, 2004 in San
                                            Jose, CA

                                            Additional Courses
                                            CMOS LAYOUT Intro
                                            April 28-29, 2004 in San
                                            Jose, CA

                                            INTEGRATED CIRCUIT
                                            PACKAGING & ASSEMBLY
                                            May 7, 2004 in Singapore

                                            ION IMPLANTATION
                                            May 14, 2004 in San
                                            Jose, CA

                                            MEMS RF WIRELESS
                                            TECHNOLOGIES &
                                            February 25, 2004 in San
                                            Jose, CA
                                            July 13, 2004 in San
                                            Francisco, CA

                                            May 13, 2004 in San
                                            Jose, CA

                                            Control Intro
                                            March 31, 2004 in San
                                            Jose, CA

                                            March 3, 2004 in San
                                            Jose, CA

                                            PRODUCT MARKETING for
                                            the Semiconductor
                                            February 18, 2004 in San
                                            Jose, CA

                                            STATISTICAL PROCESSING
                                            CONTROL (SPC) Intro
                                            March 30, 2004 in San
                                            Jose, CA

                                            THERMAL PROCESSES
                                            April 16, 2004 in San
                                            Jose, CA

                                            Wet & Dry ETCH
                                            February 11, 2004 - San
                                            Jose, CA

                                            YIELD MANAGEMENT: Quick
                                            Ramp Practices
                                            December 1-2, 2003 in
                                            San Jose, CA
                                            March 11-12, 2004 in San
                                            Jose, CA
                                            April 22-23, 2004 in
                                            Munich, Germany

                                            Pinnacle Training
                                            International (PTI
                                            Seminars) Home Page



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