Final Reminder: Ebeam Town Hall Meeting --- TODAY December 2, 2005. 2 - 4 PM CISX 338 All are invited to attend.

James Conway jwc at
Fri Dec 2 09:16:16 PST 2005

    Greetings to the Ebeam and Raith User Communities:

 The Ebeam Lab Town Hall Meeting will be held this afternoon Friday 
December 2, 2005 at 2 - 4 PM in CIS-X 338.  All interested parties are 
invited to attend this event which is always open to everyone.

For your enjoyment we will have a presentation "Scanning Electron 
Microscopy in the IC Industry" by Bryan Tracy, Ph.D..  Bryan is the 
Manager for the Materials Characterization Lab at Spansion in Sunnyvale, 
CA.  He presented a very interesting presentation at the Hitachi 
Nanotechnology Seminar  and I invited him here to SNF to give his 
presentation here.

This is a great opportunity to review some really fine Scanning Electron 
Microscopy work from an industrial perspective, while obtaining tips and 
tricks towards improving the quality of your SEM Imaging.

Light Refreshments will be served.

 Thank you for your participation!


James Conway

  Agenda for December's Ebeam Town Hall Meeting

 Friday December 2, 2005 from 2 - 4 PM in CISX 338


This forum is intended to allow lab members using the RAITH 150 and 
Hitachi HL-700 Ebeam exposure systems to provide feedback and inputs 
towards creating a supportive community of users working together to 
establish best practices and methods pushing the limits of Ebeam 
This is also an opportunity to report your EBL results, problems, and 
concerns and obtain feedback from the community-at-large.


Last year this forum successfully developed new reservation and system 
usage guidelines that improved system access and utilization for a large 
user base.  This effort was successful and guided similar equipment 
policies on other SNF tools.


1. Welcome and Introduction - James W. Conway  (5 min.)


2. Feature Presentation:
 "Scanning Electron Microscopy in the IC Industry" by Bryan Tracy, Ph.D..
 Member of the Technical Staff, Spansion, Sunnyvale, CA.  (40 minutes + Q&A)


3. Raith System Resolution and performance status report   (5 - 10 minutes)
            - Current Performance issues and results.
            - Holiday shut down plan.


4. Raith Reservation and Scheduling Issues:                          
(<20 minutes)

            - Changes or Modification to the current reservation 
policies in place?

            - Cancellation Policy - 24 hour notice?
            - Should we have penalty or charge for cancellations?

            - Should we implement a Raith Users System Standby list?


5. Query of User needs for Negative Tone Ebeam resist for R&D in 2006:   
(<20 min.)

            - Microchem MaN-2403 negative tone resist review. 

            - User interest in HSQ and Calixarenes for High Resolution 
Negative Tone resist?

 Your inputs are invited.


James W. Conway

Stanford Nanofabrication Facility





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