Please remove your samples from the Ebeam Lab Pass Through -- Lab Clean up Friday afternoon.

James Conway jwc at
Wed Jul 6 10:41:02 PDT 2005

Greetings Lab Users:

Users are reminded that the Ebeam Lab Pass Through Box is for In-Process 
wafers and substrates that are being currently inspected or written and 
is NOT TO BE USED for Storage.  All wafers should be in poly boxes or 
carriers, and should be labeled with Lab member Name, DATE, and the 
substrate type and resist materials applied to them.

We will be cleaning the Ebeam Lab Pass Through Box this Friday afternoon:
Users are directed to remove all materials from this Pass - through by 
Friday July 8, 2005 so we may perform some cleaning to this area.

Unlabeled substrates, tweezers, and other engineering materials found in 
the Pass Through on Friday at 3 PM will be considered  abandoned and may 
be archived, discarded, or will be considered donated and used for 
future experiments in the Ebeam Lab.

Thank you for your support!

James W. Conway
Ebeam Lab

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