Announcement: Friemut Reuther from micro resist will be visiting Tuesday 11-14-06

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Fri Nov 10 08:59:34 PST 2006

Greetings NIL Team,

Friemut Reuther will be making a brief follow up visit to SNF Tuesday 
11-14-06.  We will be meeting at 1:00 for a quick lunch and then return 
to SNF in CIS 101 from about 1:30 - 2:30 to 3:00 PM. This continues 
discussions we started on their last visit to SNF.

All interested SNF parties are welcome and I hope that all SNF NIL team 
members can join me for an hour or so to join in our discussions.

Have a nice weekend,

James Conway

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Hello Friemut Reuther,

It would be great to have you come and meet with the NIL team here at 
SNF next week.  We have been a bit slow /'getting out of the starting 
gates'/  in our SNF NIL efforts, but as the end of the year approaches I 
am getting our molds in Quartz fabricated and we will be ready to start 
using our NIL system to imprint test structures and some simple devices.

In specific I would like to discuss with you further details of the low 
molecular weight PMMA's that Microchem offers, and to assist us with 
selecting the most appropriate material for our initial trials.  There 
is also great interest in learning more about mold release layers and 
various surface treatments for our NIL stamp masters.

Looking forward to meeting with you next Tuesday afternoon.  If it is 
possible I would desire to begin with a quick lunch at 1 PM as I am 
teaching a class in the SNF Cleanroom from 10 AM - 1 PM. I will likely 
finish with these students between 12:30 and 12:45 PM.

We then can start discussions with all interested SNF and Stanford 
parties at ~ 1:30 PM. I have a room reserved from 1:30 - 3:00 PM. (CIS 101)

Please call me on my cell phone at 001-415-412-4825 upon your arrival, 
and/or page me out of the SNF Cleanroom on the RED Phones at the lab 

Safe travels this weekend on your flight to America.

Thank you,

James Conway

Freimut Reuther wrote:
> Hello James,
> Thank you for the kind response. I have considered about one hour 
> talks and discussions about polymers and/ or resists, which are or can 
> be interesting for you. I have not polanned to give a presentation. 
> That would be much of repetition of things we already presented. May 
> be we can plan such a meeting in February 2007 before the SPIE 
> conference, if you think it would make sense. Thank you for reserving 
> a conference room, but I think this is not required. I wonder whether 
> you have specific requests. We will visit another group in Silicon 
> Valley on Wednesday 15 November. So if possible I would come to you at 
> 11:30. Please let me know.
> Best wishes
> Freimut
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> Dr. Freimut Reuther
> Technical Director/ Technischer Leiter
> micro resist technology GmbH
> Koepenicker Str. 325
> 12555 Berlin
> phone: +49 30 6576 2192
> fax: +49 30 6576 2193
> email: f.reuther at <mailto:f.reuther at>
> internet: <>
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>     *Subject:* Re: Microchem Visit on 14 November?
>     Greetings Freimut,
>     I would be happy to host you here at SNF.  This is a busy week for
>     everyone and we will have a few visitors. I will also have Guido
>     Piaszenski from RAITH GmbH in Dortmund here at that time.  Please
>     come and join us for lunch starting at your choice of either 11:30
>     or Noon and following that I have reserved a conference room for
>     13:30 - 15:00 hours for your presentation if you desire to give an
>     update and top facilitate further discussions on EBL and NIL
>     resist systems.
>     Please reply to me ASAP confirm and I will send out an meeting
>     announcement. Look forward to meeting with you again.
>     All the Best,
>     James Conway
>     Freimut Reuther wrote:
>>     Hello James,
>>     How are you?
>>     We very recently decided that I attend the NNT in San Francisco
>>     next week. I would like to take the opportunity to visit you and
>>     give you an update of our developments and of course learn from
>>     you, whether there is some further interest in our resists and
>>     polymers. We sent you some samples for testing. I would be happy
>>     about your feedback. As far as I can see now I could come on
>>     Tuesday 14 November between about noon and 3 p.m. Please let me
>>     know if you are interested in the talks.
>>     Best wishes
>>     Freimut
>>     -----------------------------------------------------------------------
>>     Dr. Freimut Reuther
>>     Technical Director/ Technischer Leiter
>>     micro resist technology GmbH
>>     Koepenicker Str. 325
>>     12555 Berlin
>>     GERMANY
>>     phone: +49 30 6576 2192
>>     fax: +49 30 6576 2193
>>     email: f.reuther at
>>     internet:
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