Proposed Changes in Use of Prometrix

Jim McVittie mcvittie at
Tue Jan 14 15:27:12 PST 2003

Prometrix Users,

Several users have replied to my note. For now there will be no changes in
the procedures/rules for using the Prometrix.

    Jim McVittie

Jim McVittie wrote:

> Prometrix users,
> Presently, the Prometrix is classified to be in Semiclean Equipment
> Group in SNF. To make it easier to use by a wider user group, I propose
> that we take this restriction off and allow all materials which do not
> harm the tips to be used. This will mean that Semiclean wafers can not
> go back into sSemiclean tools after measurement on the Prometrix. Please
> contact me ASAP if you do not agree with this change.
>     Thanks,   Jim McVittie

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