Need information/help: Cannot measure sheet resistance

Masaharu Kobayashi masaharu at
Sat Apr 26 11:58:50 PDT 2008

Dear related folks,

I would like to report the problem on prometrix.

Yesterday night, one of the prometrix user couldn't measure
sheet resistance of his wafers which is supposed to have low resistivity.
It showed "Va/Vb ratio error" which is normally seen when the film
is too high resistive or low resistive.

Today, I also tried to measure sheet resistance of metal film,
however, again, I couldn't measure it.
The resistivy of my metal film was measured before, and I know it has  
the finite
resistivity value. That should not be too high or too low. The sample is
also big enough.

Refering to the manual, I simply rebooted the software and did self-reset
the hardware. But the situation doen't change.

Does anybody give any information or help to recover the system?

I saw the operating diskette ejected and left on the table in the last week
(Thursday or Friday). And now, this diskette cannot be identified on  
the system.
Therefore, the problem probably comes from the broken operating diskette.

I really appreciate any information and help.

Best regards,

Masaharu Kobayashi

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