[PT-DSE] Plasma-Thermal Recipe RF Matching Modes

Jim McVittie mcvittie at stanford.edu
Fri Apr 19 17:30:05 PDT 2013

PT Users,

The following defines the Plasma-Thermal recipe RF matching modes. 

1) Automatic – The matching network is free to move to get proper tuning 
2) Manual – The matching network goes a position specified in the recipe and holds there. 

3) Man-Auto – In this mode, the matching network will first drive to the setpoints in the recipe and then switch to “Automatic” mode 

4) Default – This is similar to manual mode wherein the matching network goes to a specified position. The only difference is that the 
positions are setup in the tool config screen and not the recipe 

5) Hold – In this mode the matching network will lock to the positions at the end of the previous step. If the first step in a recipe 
has this mode selected then the matching network will lock itself to the positions it was in at the end of the previous recipe. For the DSE 
tool only, the RF generator to the ICP coil switches into its frequency tuning mode when this recipe is selected. Frequency tuning 
is used to get faster tuning during DSE switching loop cycle. For this mode to work properly, the matching network has to be turned before the 
switching loop begins. In the frequency tuning mode, the DSE generator can vary its frequency between 1.9 to 2.1 MHz to minimize reflected power.   


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