Sonogage returns!

charley charley at
Fri May 9 16:48:09 PDT 2003

    Well, sort of.... Our Sonogage could not be disciplined, so we have
a loaner
while my Sonogage guy has another try at ours. This one calibrated well,
held the cal values, where our original one lost calibration after a few
run time.
    This one is closely calibrated to the cal disks Tencor provides, but
Uli and
Mahnaz and I found that actual wafers read with much better
repeatability than
the cal disks, so Monday I will touch up the cal using Uli's wafers. The
unit is
within a few percent now and this will get better. Remember to leave it
up! If you turn it off or find it turned off, you must wait 30 minutes
for it to warm
up and for the cal values to be restored.

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