RAITH UPDATE Friday Jan. 17, 2003

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Fri Jan 17 09:21:35 PST 2003

Greetings from the E-beam Technology Group:

RAITH remains in yellow light mode for the coming week. Your results may

The LEO SEM package is now working optimally after running in the new
We are now back to where we should be for beam brightness and emission
level.  Gun Vacuum has also been excellent, after bake out of the column
gun section last weekend. (8.0 E -10 Torr with EHT off, 1.2 E -9 with
EHT on)  Beam spot sizes as small as 15 nm have been measured.  Typical
noise levels as imaged by examining the FWHM image ripple on a latex
sphere at high magnification is on the order of 5 - 7 nm for a total
beam spot size during a write of ~ 20 - 22 nm.
This is a optimal set up for EBL on this system.

RAITH 150 Write Field to Write Field Stitching Issues:
We are continuing to evaluate and seeking a means to correct the Write
Field to Write Field Stitching offset errors that we have been
experiencing since early December.  A number of users have encountered
the problem but have been slow to report it.

This problem seems to be intermittent, and we are performing a number of
EBL test to determine if it is caused by a problem with the ELPHY Plus
pattern generator, or within the laser interferometry stage control

All RAITH users are request to make extra careful inspections of all
patterns they have written since December 1, 2002 using SEM,  and to
immediate report the results of these inspections to me.  Particularly
useful would be measurements in X-Y (U,V) of the offset error magnitude,
and supporting images you can collect during your inspections.

Raith GmbH, RAITH USA and I are working diligently to quickly determine
the cause and correct this situation before any more engineering
materials or time are wasted due to this problem.  Your comments

Thank you for your support!

James Conway
E-beam Technology Group
Stanford Nanofabrication Facility

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