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James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Fri Mar 7 17:38:37 PST 2003


Today we opened system for maintenance, measurements, and adjustments;
it is slowly pumping down and vacuum is not suitable level to bring the
beam back up this evening.  The system should be ready to go by

Arvind S:  If System Vacuum is less than 5.0 E -6 Torr you are good to
go and bring the beam up, and write your job; otherwise wait until

Questions and problems:
I can be reached on my cell at 415-412-4825 up until 1 AM. or on the
boat at 650-728-0766 anytime 24/7 if you have questions.

If vacuum remains high we will just have to pump longer to reach
suitable system vacuum.
We have re-grounded the IN-lens detector so all users should be seeing
more brightness when imaging with this detector.
We also made magnetic measurements of the chamber stage apparatus, and
performed some periodic cleaning and maintenance inside the chamber.

All users are asked to be extremely careful regarding cleanliness of
your samples going in and out of the system.  Always wear gloves when
loading/unloading or handling anything that is placed into this
chamber.  We have your fingerprints! ;-)

Thank you for your support!

James Conway
E-beam Technology Group

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