Problem raith 2004-02-11 09:21:26: Raith problems

quay at quay at
Wed Feb 11 09:21:26 PST 2004

1) Beam current low and fluctuating *a lot*. Last user (John Paul) records 30pm at 30 micron aperture (compared to 140 usuall). I got 63 +/- 5. At 120 micron aperture,current was 1.252nA and decreased by 0.01 nA over a five minute period. I noticed from the logbook that the current has been steadily decreasing over the past 2 days. 
2) Column not moving.  After write, joystick did not move column. Nor did software. I managed to 'fix' this by turning off and and on the laser stage control.  I suspect that the column may not have moved at all during the write, i.e. only one writefield was written over and over again.
John Paul, have you developed your write? Did it look like (2) hapened for you also? 

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