Shutdown raith SNF 2005-01-11 14:01:46: System performance failed to pass qualification

jwc at jwc at
Thu Jan 13 18:20:01 PST 2005

System still cannot write high resolution features.
SEM functions fine!  Requesting a new electron optics board.
Placing system in yellow mode to allow RAITH Champion access for SEM and CD measurements.
Your attempts at EBL may have poor results -- at your risk.
Another set of eyes may see other problems leading to ID of root cause of problem.
JWC 01132005:1800 hours
High resolution features failed to be resolved and all features appear grossly overdosed.  Smallest single pixel lines at dose factor 1 are approximately 1 - 3 um (optical micr. 1000X PL)
system placed into shut down mode. 
JWC 01112005:1356 hrs

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