Problem raith SNF 2006-12-08 10:33:58: Std sample holder was loaded improperly

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Fri Dec 8 10:33:58 PST 2006

Good Morning Raith Users,
The terror continues...
Std. Sample holder was loaded improperly resulting in a crash and fall off the kinetic piezo mounts of the XY stage upon loading into the system. The front right edge of the Std.  Sample holder came to rest on the face of the Y axis LIS mirror with the holder rotated by appox. 30 degrees from correct position.
Attempting to acertain if the Piezo mounts or Laser Interferometer mirror have become scratched or damaged as a result.  Also rehoming and recalibrating  the X Y stage and repeating the checks of the switched travel limits as the Stage approached the LIS mirror.
Finally there appears to have been a EHT high voltage set trip or an actual FE- Gun arcing event in the gun section and the gun has been down since 0106 hours this morning.   Do not know  yet how or why this occurred.
Expect to have the system beck up by Noon today. It will take about 18 - 24 hours for the Ebeam emission to stabilize and users will see lower beam Currents which will slowly rise through the weekend. I will make final adjustments during my session next Monday afternoon.
Users are asked to be vigilent during their operations on the system and call me immediately if they encounter and significant problems.
Thank you for your support!
James Conway

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