Problem raith SNF 2006-05-12 08:49:05: testing system interfaces after user crashed system interfaces

jwc at jwc at
Fri May 12 08:49:05 PDT 2006

Previous User reset computers during Load Lock Procedure triggering fatal errors on hardware interfaces and software error flags. System was in critical state so I asked user to shutdown at 23:00 hours --5-11-06.
Disconnected IEE-4888 interfaces to Piezo and Picoammeter.
Clean up disk and reset Computers.
Restablished IEE-488 interfaces to all hardware.
Tested the recom interface, A-OK.
manually moved Z stage to exchange position, manual rertacetd Tranfer rod to Load Lock chamber. manually actuated Load Lock Valve door to close. Vent LL Chamber and recovered samoples.
Reset and restarted all computers and hardware.
Testing Loaed Lock Procedure and interfaces utilized.
Clearing error logs and setting up debug logging of the VMTRCTRL and RAITH150 modules
Testing Load Lock and exposure modules.
Return to User schedule on CORAL at or about 12 PM today.
James Conway
never a dull moment!

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