Comment raith SNF 2006-09-15 10:25:03: 120 um Gun alignment out of specification.

jwc at jwc at
Fri Sep 15 10:25:04 PDT 2006

Good Morning,
User Topinka and DGG group reported that the 120 um Gun alignment settings were approaching the limits of the adjustment range.  Today I checked this out and determined that we will need to perform a mechanical gun realignment before we can properly align the 120 um aperture Gun alignment setting properly.  This may or may not have been resultant from last week's Power drop to the system -- but likley just a normal consequence of running in the FE-GUN.  (Current time on FE Gun -s 1537 hours emission time.)
Note: After the recent FE_GUN tip exchange ZEISS Field Service DID NOT return to complete the final aperture and gun alignments.  The was no further reponse to our request at that time.  2 phone calls were left unaswered.  I called RAITH USA today and requested they schedule a service visit for us on next Friday to perform adjustments and update the system settings. (Joel at RAITH USA Inc.)
James Conway

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