Problem raith SNF 2007-04-05 17:03:29: qualification failed for stitching and out of plane focus

jwc at jwc at
Thu Apr 5 17:03:30 PDT 2007

QUALIFICATION FAILED. It failed for the same issues as before in the last 7 runs:
large offset in the spot offset calibration results in errors during the WF aligment which then results in WF:WF stitching errors.
Stage on Piezo is out of level planarity resulting in poor focus as you expose across a wafer.
Possible exposure error:
Unknow reason for a ~7.5 U and ~15 V shift in UV coordinate system for entire PLS written. May have been a error in setting up UV system on write job. checked PLS and protocol log file and it has the correct positions in the PLS and LOGS.
Try again next week after repairs to piezo post heights.
Users are not to exceed 10 keV acceleration voltage.  Users should call me if they have questions or observe anything unusual.

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