Comment raith SNF 2007-01-16 16:04:07: RAITH SYSTEM PASSES ALL CHECKS AFTER QUAL.

jwc at jwc at
Tue Jan 16 16:04:07 PST 2007

I fully checked out the system after the crash yesterday. All is now OK.
Found no problems will NESLAB chiller temperature or flow -- so I will assume the previous error was an electrical transient in house power to chiller.
Performed full functionality check with no problems and saving all gun alignment and stigmation values to system settings.
Increased EHT Voltage to 4.8 KV emission now in the 156 uA range with emission 30 um aperture at 0.185 nA. near optimal.
With Zeiss Field Service Mike Santomango we check and realigned all all  three mag. centering amplifier functions and stigmation coil centering amplifier functions for all apertures.  These functions are now perfectly centered and Users should see no shifts during focuing or stigmation.
Performed overlay write test on Stitching and Overlay structures and demo chips written on this wafer during qualification runs on 01112007_1QUAL and 12152006_1QUAL. on the wafer NO 8222006_16.  EZ target acquisition with only two targets missed in 198 targets acquired.
Beam drift is < 4 nm / minute.
Left hand short contamination dot is < 18 nm.
System is qualified for Users and 'good to go'.
Operations limited to less than 10 keV acceleration voltage.
Thank you for your support!
James Conway

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