recovered detectors after a EHT arc event on RAITH.

James Conway jwc at
Thu Jul 26 09:48:27 PDT 2007

User PanJun reported a loss of detector and SEM functionality at 09:20 AM.
James was needed to troubleshoot and return the system to normal 

The event was likely a transient signal through the EHT high tension 
supply or through ground point.  It was sensed as a possible  FE_GUN 
arcing event and shut down the EHT to the gun, but did not shut down the 

Detectors configuration was lost and I needed administrative level login 
and a complete computer hardware reset to reread all the SEM modules. 
LREM module may have been revoked by the SW, this module controls the 
detectors.  I did not see any events recorded in the LEO server or 
LEOLOG.log or error.log files.

System restored to functionality at 09:38 AM.

We will closely monitor the conditions in the FE-GUN to see if this 
problem reoccurs.

James Conway for Jun Pan
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