Comment raith SNF 2007-11-22 20:02:42: USB Stick Problem with LEO Computer

kocabas at kocabas at
Thu Nov 22 20:02:43 PST 2007

During sample loading, I inserted a USB stick to the LEO computer. It froze. Raith computer began to complain like the following
"Do you want to retry venting of the load lock?"
I shut down LEO computer and restarted it.
I hit retry button on Raith, it said
"Comm error (1): 0018"
Then I hit OK.
Then I could hear the load lock valve open.
After that loading procedure continued from where it left off...
I tried to connect my USB stick once again. LEO again froze...
I exited from Raith program on the Raith machine and hard resetted the LEO machine once again.
Everything was fine afterwards.. I did not try to connect the USB stick again. 

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