Problem raith SNF 2007-10-17 19:28:45: E/O card too hot water flow failing

jwc at jwc at
Wed Oct 17 19:28:46 PDT 2007

Good Evening,
Numerous I/O problems on LEO computer and alarms and errors in vacuum sensing and E/O card related to the poor water flow.
The system was reset twice -- once in yellow button standby mode and second by using the red button reset manually.
I then brought up the vacuum pumping of the RAITH chamber Turbo and then the Ion pumps followed by a service run up of the FE-GUN.
I expect this system will come down hard in the next few hours to days if the water flow does not improve. Current temp of E/O card at system is 38 degrees C. Flow is below 0.1 lpm.
System is currently up and available to users.  Please call me if the system vents or the gun shuts down.
We never sleep,
James Conway

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