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James Conway toecutter4ranger at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 14:02:35 PST 2008

Greetings RAITH Users:

Working with RAITH USA Inc. I am troubleshooting the larger than normal
scanning flag artifacts and Image Ripples on the RAITH 150 EBL system.
There may possibly be a problem with the Electron Optics board or its power
supply voltages.  Users will find it difficult to properly focus and
stigmate using contamination dots or on small sub 100 nm features due to
this problem. The magnitude of the images ripples has been increasing each
day since this weekend when this problems surfaced.
Users should be particularly careful during Write Field Alignments.  Please
also report any other unusual problems or observations you can identify to
this list.
A RAITH Field Service visit has been requested to address this problem.

While the demolition and construction activities across the street have
added to our problems this week -- the problem I am troubleshooting occurs
at all times of day/night and is apparent even when you do not have the
system in focus on any feature in SEM view.  Q.E.D., I believe the problem
is sourced from the scanning /deflection section on the RAITH SEM (LEO) and
not from external influences.  The platform vibration isolation system is
working and set at all the normal parameters we normally employ. Turbo pump
and NESLAB chiller operation pressure and flow are normal and no significant
vibration is evidenced from these sub-systems.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway
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