Problem raith SNF 2009-11-04 17:42:04: Laser Stage frequency Lock problems surfacing

jwc at jwc at
Wed Nov 4 17:42:05 PST 2009

It was observed this evening that the Laser Interferometer Stage Laser Source has become unstable and is having great challenges maintaining frequency locked mode status.
This likely is due to our laser power falling below threshold either due to the end of the Life of this Laser module or more likely due to a problem or change in the Power supply voltage output (<5 VDC)
I have called RAITH USA inc field service and left a message
and will attempt to call RAITH GmbH when they arrive at work in a few hours to see if I can expedite schematics and a new Laser Source ASAP.
Stay tuned for updates on this status tomorrow by Noon.

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