Problem raith SNF 2009-09-26 18:02:23: Digital pattern Generator cannot start -- soon to be a FAQ.

James Conway jwc at
Mon Sep 28 12:20:08 PDT 2009

Hello ALL,

When ever you see messages of this nature is is due to hangs of the 
IEEE-488 or Serial high speed communications Buss between the computer 
and the pattern generator.

Likely this is due to an ungraceful exit from the Raith application  or 
windows itself. 

Solution is to gracefully exit all applications
Gracefully exit the windows OS on each computer.
Then proceed to 'shut down' and never 'reset' both computers and allow 
then 10 to 15 seconds of off time reset the hardware interfaces.
Then reboot both computers and bring up the Windows on both then launch 
first the LEO SEM column control application and once that is up the 
RAITH application.

Further questions or problems then it is time to call me or RAITH USA 
Inc. for assistance.

Thank you for your support!


carterlin at wrote:
> I got this error message saying " Digital pattern generator cannot be enabled..demo mode starting"..also I could not SEM (I dont see anything).
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