Shutdown raith SNF 2010-07-07 09:22:16: Load Lock robot arm and belt problems

jwc at jwc at
Wed Jul 7 09:22:16 PDT 2010

A User overnight had a load Lock error due to robot arm inner position not being reached in software settings.  A recovery dialog Pop up box came up and User followed the prompts and damaged the belt once it reached hard mechanical stops which likely damaged belt as it was driven beyond the mechanical stops stretching the belt  or morelikely  chewing up the belt cogs.  (very bad from mechancal and particulate standpoint...)
This pop up should not be presented to new users other than users at system administrator level and is a known issue in version 4 software -- now obsolete as we are now the only system to have NOT upgradesd.  This software needs to be updated as we have encountering several periods of downtime in the last months due to these issues. Otherwise uptime would be ~ 95% plus...
RAITH is trying to locate the correct part number for a load lock belt as my stock was depleted of spare belt  and parts during last event now a month ago.

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