Comment raith SNF 2010-06-16 14:16:55: coomunication hangs during load lock exchanges

jwc at jwc at
Wed Jun 16 14:16:56 PDT 2010

it was noted over the last 18 hours that some Users were experiencing communications hangs and drops of the SW control to the XYZT Stage controller.  I have resolved this three times by phone overnight and early this afternoon.
if you have 'expert' or 'system' User rights on the tool you can resolve this by gracefully exiting both the RAITH150.exe application and the windows XP OS on the RAITH computer only, being sure to select 'turn off'; and then start it all up again.  if you still cannot move the stage in X Y or Z (WD) then select the Load Lock Module --> select ADVANCED - select SINGLE STEPS --> then press the button labeled release XYZ axis.
If that doesn't work I need to be called immediately and you should not attempt to continue by any means.
415-412-4825 24 hours

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