Problem raith SNF 2010-11-25 09:07:45: The screen went blank in the SEM computer and the piezo hardware not connected

arkam at arkam at
Thu Nov 25 09:07:46 PST 2010

While I was using the SEM computer to Focus and stigamte, the screen suddenly went blank, with a snapping sound in the Raith machine. I restarted both the computer, and while I open the Raith software, it gave me error saying, "piezo hardware not connected". I could not SEM after that. The screen is blank (in in lens mode). TV mode is working fine. I am not sure how relaible the machine is now. So I am unloading my sample, and releasing my session. The next use emailed me beofre and I was going to use his session. But due to this problem, raith is free till 1.

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