Problem raith SNF 2010-10-13 16:21:31: problem 2 this week: TMC gimbal isolation post No 3 went flat...

jwc at jwc at
Wed Oct 13 16:21:32 PDT 2010

Second problem on the tool identified this week.
On my TMC Quiet Island Vibration Isolation system, the third of three iso-stats which is a pneumatic isolation post and gimbal was discovered flat and did not have sufficient pressure available or a leak present in order to float the RAITH 150 platform.  This is why we are obaserving slightly higher than normal vibration on the tooling.  
It is presumed that this is simply a maintenance issue or normal wear and tear as its nearly ten years old.  Need assistance to trace out the pressure lines and servos that control this unit to ensure they are functioning before seeking replacement or repair to the iso-stat itself.
Will reevaluate when I have some time available tomorrow... hopefully with Ted assistance.  :-)

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