Shutdown raith SNF 2011-08-24 15:08:29: WIN OS issues

jwc at jwc at
Wed Aug 24 16:44:47 PDT 2011

resolved with actions mentioned below...
Please sweep all your USB drives for a virus named: 
 It is a trojan that enables remote access for malignancy, spambots, and phishing...  (low level nasty virus) 
This morning this virus showed up on the RAITH computer and we encountered a windows XP error that stated on the title bar, "Data Executuion Prevention - Microsoft Windows" pop up. 
This DEP function prevents viruses embedded in .exe files from executing.This became a persistant error after rebooting the OS on the PC and we had to use antivirus removal to effect repairs. 
If you encounter this please report.
All users are requested to sweep their drives and USB thumbdrives before inserting into the system.

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