Comment raith SNF 2011-08-25 17:41:57: Anitvirus software, network capability, and WIN OS updates completed

jwc at jwc at
Thu Aug 25 17:41:58 PDT 2011

Today we enabled and connected to the LAN and installed the SU Sophos AntiVirus SW packages on both the RAITH and the LEO PCs.
We also updated the WIN XP OS to service pack 3 and performed all the necessary updates.
We continue to troublshoot the external to internal scan control interfaces between the PC's and the RAITH hardware seeking resolution to the streaking and non-freezing of the scanning of the LEO screen that was affecting exposures.
A work around was developed last night and we have had several successful writes on the system and we will be bringing users onto the tool overnight to test their logins.
I hope to qualify the system for resolution and performance tomorrow morning after RAITH releases the tool back to me...

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