Comment raith SNF 2011-01-24 17:54:58: LIS piezo post slightly off position

jwc at jwc at
Mon Jan 24 17:54:59 PST 2011

Last week I was unable to successfully level samples on either Standard sample holder or the Universal sample holder.  Today I measured Working distance to the Piezo post and then reloaded Std. Sample Holder and then Universal Sample Holder and measured the Working distane deltas before and after leveling attempts using the height control software.  All test FAILED.  This indicates either a change in the piezo post referencec height mechanically, possibly due to repairs made during PM. or a change in the Piezo movement characteristic indicating a need to recalibrate the piezo post movement.
Next steps are to evaluate the leveling control using the Electrostatic chuck with a 150 mm double polished B prime reference wafer and recalibrate the piezo post travel range and calibration.
I will speak with RAITH Fields service tomorrow...

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