Problem raith SNF 2011-05-12 13:55:41: same arm error during unloading

jwc at jwc at
Thu May 12 18:25:44 PDT 2011

inspected and retightened the T arm robot arm belt which had been stretched several mm...
exercised belt moving to inner and back to outer exchange positions more than ten times
resetablished the software compliance settings to the automatic load lock procedure and after several trials was successful at setting the positions correctly with no delta t robot arm errors from these settings during manual operator comtrol Load Lock procedures.
tested under the normal automatic control and was successful once but failed on the unload test.  
working with raith to resolve this issue over the phone but likely need to replace the belt and check the coder wheel to motor axle mechanicals  
 as the positions seem to be varying with no consistency.
Yellow mode over night....

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