Problem raith SNF 2012-11-14 08:40:03: Laser interferometer Stage positioning problems

jwc at jwc at
Sun Dec 23 09:15:07 PST 2012

Early in the morning of 11-13 User reported drive positioning issues when in joytsick control of starnge slewing.  This has been observed and is normal when stage in coder mode control. The problem was sourced to Laser interferometer Power supply that had been switched off manually from the front panel switch. This was not done by the User on the system at the time and presumably a lab member unknown came into the lab and switched the power off to disrupt operations.  This is the second incident inthe lab over the last two weeks of this nature.
  3:00 PM Tuesday 11-13-12 -- User dianmin reported hearing clicking noises coming from the stage controller unit at the end of X-Y moves when stage was under interferoemeter control.
Through the later afternoon and into the evening we troubleshot the system, with Raith FS by phone.
We tried to remove and reseat all the PC cards in the unit except the power supply transformer, followed by removing and replacing in position all the rear panel connectors.  I found the AC strip power cords pulled from the mountings and the back cover bent back out of the previous position.  
I requested RAITH FS to come on site to effect repairs and to ship me a new FBMS capable stage controller unit and this will take several days to be received and installed.
Users can use the system under coder mode oepration if they do not need to stitch write fields together or for SEM operations and we will be resuming operations with JWC presence during these runs this afternoon.

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