Last call for slides and additions to NANO2003 presentation

James Conway jwc at
Fri Mar 14 12:46:35 PST 2003

To all the Usual Suspects in the E-beam Lab.

[Image]Last Call Folks![Image]

I am working on my PPT edits and additions today for our Nano2003
presentations in Dortmund, DE on Monday.  You could say this is going to
be just in time.

Many of you have indicated you would send me a PPT slide or two of your
work on the RAITH 150.  But only two persons have actually sent me what
they promised...

Although my presentation is mostly about EBL with regards to Photonic
Devices and system integration; I am also most interested in good
images, your forward looking ideas, and examples of what EBL can achieve
in your work here at SNF.

A simple slide which highlights yourself, your research group, and your
project goals.

A second slide with EBL results at any step of your fab. process
preferably good results. (Be sure to list your email address/ contact
no. and any collaborators.)

These will be presented fully at Nano2003 in Dortmund, and in very brief
format at the German Physical Society meeting in Dresden during the
Raith EBL workshop.

Post Haste...

Thank you,

James Conway
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