Both 2% 950K and 5% 495K Molecular weight PMMA are in stock at SNF.

James Conway jwc at
Tue Nov 18 15:48:03 PST 2003

 [Image]        PMMA Molecular Model...

Greetings Ebeam Lab Users:

Today I decanted the recently received 2% 950 K MW Microchem Corporation
Poly(methyl  methacrylate) material into
4 - 250 ml wide mouth jars with PTFE seals.  This is  from lot 0304 the
same lot as we received material from last month.
Once the current bottle has been used we can bring the next bottle into
the lab.  Please ask either James Conway (jwc at or
Mahnaz Mansourpour (mahnaz at to get a bottle from the
locked solvent storage cabinet.

All Users Please Be Advised:

- Please utilize these material sparingly and only dispense using
syringes as per the E-beam Resist Handling document which is now on our
web site.  Handling in beakers and pouring the material is no longer
I have also attached a copy to this email for your reference.

- Users are requested to not decant from these bottles to make your own
supply.  Please do your part to not contaminate these Lab engineering

- Users are requested that upon finishing up a bottle of any PMMA
material to please rinse the bottle with Acetone and then Isopropanol,
drain the bottle for 30 seconds into the solvent sink hazardous waste
receptacle and then cap and bag the bottle as hazardous waste. Finally
please place the item into the Hazardous Waste pass-thru for pickup by
David Cala.

Henceforth no empty bottles of any material are to be abandoned in the
lab or in the solvent storage cabinet.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway
Ebeam Technology Group.

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