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James Conway jwc at
Fri Nov 21 17:22:48 PST 2003


Users are requested to NOT switch the right hand switch on the ELPHY
Plus digital signal processor to the DOWN position as this locks the
system into BEAM ON mode.  (This overrides the RAITH to LEO blanking
This negatively is impacting other users whom came on the system after
you last night...

I believe that one user or a group of users may have somehow put their
user.vdb into a fault mode where the beam on beam off logic states have
become reversed.  This would fix the problem for them but would not be
good for all other users.
To fix this yourself blank on the SW in the RAITH150.exe. then press
'reset' button up momentarily to reset the ELPHY plus.  Then perform a
complete hardware reset and start your RAITH150.exe application again
and all should be fine.  Please call me if you have any questions or if
this workaround does not work.

All switched on the ELPHY PLUS DSP should be up except the reset switch
which will remain in its normal center position. (mometary switch)

There are three persons waiting patiently for access as the schedule
opens up:

charis quay

and myself next tuesday...

All the best,

James Conway

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