PMMA 495K needs refill

James Conway jwc at
Fri Apr 23 09:22:43 PDT 2004


I have replaced the 5% 495K MW PMMA with a new bottle and placed this 
into the Cleanroom.
This material is from the same manufacturing batch as the last 4 bottles 
of this material.
 Please minimize waste and be careful in handling all of our resist 
Ebeam Resist Handling Guidelines.
In addition, I have placed a small stock of Microchem MaN-2403 into the 
ebeam resist solvent storage cabinet and E-beam users interested in 
trying this Negative tone material are encouraged to to give it a try.  
Please report your results back to me and aid in our evaluation of this 
material for addition to our standard stock or resist materials we 
maintain here at SNF.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway

Jien Cao wrote:

>Hi, James,
>The 495K PMMA for lab use is empty now.  Could you please refill it at your
>earliest convenience?  Thanks!
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