Shutdown Raith SNF 2004-08-12 13:54:23: LEO E/O BOARD FAILURE...

James Conway jwc at
Thu Aug 12 14:21:44 PDT 2004

FWD'd from Raith-PCS:

In addition to the E/O Board replacement mentioned below,  it appears 
that the column has become contaminated recently.
This is evidenced by the increasing number of reports and severity of 
the image drift after blanking and unblanking the beam which resulted in 
most of the recent difficulties that Users have reported when performing 
the align writefield routine.

Once we get ZEISS back with a E/O Board we can continue to troubleshoot 
the system and effect further maintenance and repairs as necessary.  
Further updates as we have information.

Thank you,

James Conway

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Subject: 	Shutdown raith SNF 2004-08-12 13:54:23: LEO E/O BOARD FAILURE
Date: 	Thu, 12 Aug 2004 13:54:24 -0700
From: 	jwc at
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The scan rotation calibration function used to maintain Orthogonality is failing -- slowly, and now has failed.
 This is the source of the misshapen shot spots in the V (Y) axis imaging plane.
This will require replacement of the E/O Board.
We are attempting to locate a calibrated and tested board from ZEISS.
James Conway  08122004_1351 hours.

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