RAITH back in yellow mode -- up for testing use this weekend.

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Fri Aug 13 13:38:17 PDT 2004


For reasons undetermined, and this could just be for a short time, we 
were able to get the E/O board to function nearly normally this morning. 
RAITH Group X are in the process of writing their test patterns and will 
act as a system check for functionality.

The column conditions have improved as well and imaging, shooting 
contamination dots, stigmation and focusing are better than the last two 
days.  ALL Users are restricted from placing any holder apparatus, 
tapes, and carbon dots into the system. If you are not willing to mount 
your samples onto the Clips of the Standard sample holders do not access 
the system this weekend.

WARNING: Blanker leakage was observed with the LEO Blanker -- so be sure 
to move off your sample before switching to TV mode or starting your 
unload procedure.  No problems with the Raith Blanker section.

I have placed the system back into Yellow Mode so you can enable the 
system and report to coral any problems you encounter. All Users are 
expected to report their results to this list.  Anyone with questions 
call me on the cell phone anytime this weekend.

UPDATE: A new E/O board has been shipped from Germany and will be 
installed Monday or Tuesday after it arrives here in CA. Raith is also 
likely to come in next week to support and facilitate a return to normal 
order on the system.

  Please write as much as you can and collect data for me until the time 
we take the system down for repairs and maintenance.  This means that 
reservations for Monday afternoon, Tuesday and Wednesday DAYS may not be 
available for system access.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway

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