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David Goldhaber-Gordon goldhaber-gordon at
Mon Feb 2 18:07:50 PST 2004

Hi all,

As I mentioned during the Town Hall meeting today, we have at Stanford a
collaborative website for sharing info about the Raith. This includes
instructions, tips, process info, results of writes, etc. The URL is:

Anyone can read the site. It's also very easy to edit it in a standard web
browser, and you're all welcome and indeed encouraged to edit it, adding
your own insights. However, you do need a username and password for editing.
Please do not share these with those who are not qualified on the Raith

Username: wraith
Password: nazgul

I strongly encourage you to visit the site, use the material there, and add
your own. In particular, please add process info for different materials,
and results, especially pictures, from your writes. We all have a lot to
learn from each other. If you are concerned about making your results
world-viewable, let me know. I would be happy to set up a related site that
requires a Stanford-only password for not just writing but also reading.



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