Shutdown raith: Gun problems -- Bake out likely will be repeated...

James Conway jwc at
Fri Feb 20 11:20:02 PST 2004


Problems were encountered with the FE-Gun emission almost as soon as we 
began writing on the system yesterday evening.
Beam I was reduced by 50% is just two hours of write time. It may have 
been a mistake on my part for opening system access to users until the 
FE-tip had run in for a suitable period of time before running it in 
write mode. I had wanted to get you all back on the system ASAP.

Likely we will need to repeat some of the PM items to eliminate 
contamination in the gun area, bake the system out over the weekend, and 
then set up and run in the FE-tip again.

I have placed the Raith system into RED light mode and there will likely 
be no access through next Tuesday afternoon.
I will immediately post to the list if this situation changes so leave 
your reservation in place on CORAL and check for green or yellow light 
status later today.

I am sorry if you were impacted negatively by the current situation.

Thank you,

James Conway

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